What is Asia Africa International Voluntary Foundation?
 Asia Africa International Voluntary Foundation-AIV was established by Tsubosakadera Temple, Nara, Japan.  When the former chief priest , Late Shoken Tokiwa visited JALMA, he was very touched by Indian and Japanese staff who dedicate thier life to leprosy patients, and he started to support JALMA and a school which was run by the wives of the Indian doctors of JALMA.
In 1989, AIV was established to continue and develop these social welfare and educational supports.  All our projects are based on Late Shoken Tokiwa's belief of, "OMOIYARI NO KOKORO HIROKU FUKAKU," which means "Deep sympathy and compassion for others".
AIV Mission


AIV prompts  people in Asia, Africa and Japan "an awakening" and release thier potential; moreover, we all think together and take action to make an equal world regardless of thier background such as class, age, religion, the gap between rich and poor, and people with disability or not.